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The Thanks A Billion Project is an exercise in joyful defiance against our fear. 

It was born out of one person, watching the news in a hotel room and feeling helpless as the Coronavirus pandemic unfolded. In a moment of re-establishing control over his own life, by forcing himself to remember and reach out to people he was thankful for, Ken Clark felt the fear drain away and the peace return for a few hours. When one of the people he had thanked returned the favor the next day, the fear was again sent packing for a few hours and replaced with a sense of connection and belonging. 

A simple question emerged... what would happen if not just gratitude, but expressing it to those who deserve it in our lives, became a deliberate, wide-spread effort? What would happen if social media was filled with people thanking one another for who they've proven themselves to be in our lives, instead of people simply guessing about a future they can never fully control? Would we continue to live in fear or start sharing the toilet paper we've hoarded? Would we continue to rebel against the social distancing needed to end the crisis, or be able to isolate physically knowing we're more connected than ever?

The goal of the Thanks A Billion project is simple... to combat our fears by saying "Thank You" to one another ONE BILLION TIMES in 30 days. It's a huge, audacious and completely attainable goal, as long as people like you commit to taking 60 seconds a day to reach out and thank the people in your world and then ask them to do the same.

That's it. That's the Thanks A Billion Project. THANK YOU for being part of it. Now let's go do this!

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Ken Clark is a serial entrepreneur, therapist and passionate storyteller with 30+ years of experience and a unique ability to tap into the human elements behind complex situations and quickly move towards practical solutions. As a sought-after speaker and author of seven books, Ken infuses all his work with a combination of humor, realism and gentleness.


Ken also serves as practice director of Chenal Family Therapy PLC, a "solution-focused" executive coach focused on C-suite dynamics and is the winner of numerous accolades including being ranked twice as one of America's fastest growing companies by Inc. Magazine, Arkansas Business of the Year and the Mentoring Excellence Award (The Investment News).


Ghidotti is a public relations and content marketing agency led by Natalie Ghidotti that helps businesses achieve measurable, exceptional results. Our agency is rooted in the foundations of public relations, and we have taken that deep bench of experience and created a unique brand of integrated marketing that puts relationships and reputations at the forefront.

The basics of PR haven’t changed – relationships matter more than ever. But the ways we build those relationships have changed (you know, like creating the perfect Insta Story around your recent business trip). Pretty pictures still have a role, and fancy videos sometimes go viral, but Ghidotti believes the strategies to power those are what really matter.

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