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Introducing the Thanks A Billion Project

Gratitude conquers fear…. Science shows it. Religion preaches it. Experience proves it.

In a world that is more full of fear than any time in recent memory, gratitude is something we need to survive today and thrive tomorrow. It is the bridge between the paralysis that leaves us frozen, waiting for the next tidbit of breaking news and the inspired creativity that we need to find solutions for our personal and collective worlds.

The recognition that the world desperately needs to strengthen its gratitude muscles, is the origin of the “Thanks a Billion” project. Created in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis in 2020, the goal was to engage our country and world in a simple, 30-day journey of identifying the people in our lives that we are thankful for and letting them know. The belief is that this will have a real, tangible impact on our physical and mental health, both as individuals and as a community that desperately needs to survive and heal from this crisis.

Expressing Gratitude Beats Being Thankful

The full power of gratitude isn’t unleashed until we express it. While being mindful of the things we’re thankful for as they happen or journaling about them after the fact are incredibly important first steps in developing an attitude of gratitude, the power of those actions is limited.

When we keep our gratitude locked up inside us, it can easily get buried under the fear and sadness that we carry. When we don’t shout our gratitude from the mountaintops, the noise of the world can easily drown out the joy and thankfulness we feel.

Actually taking the additional step of expressing our gratitude towards another person starts a ripple effect that can become stronger, louder and longer-lasting than the voices that fill us with doubt. It results in a connection between human beings and becomes an ongoing conversation about gratitude that impacts both parties’ self-esteem. Most importantly, expressing gratitude creates a desire in the person being thanked to turn around and thank someone else in the world, causing it to spread like wildfire.

30 Days of Gratitude and A Billion Thank You's Shared

The Thanks A Billion Project was created to start an exponential wave of gratitude. By subscribing to our Youtube channel or following us on social media and participating in a 30-day gratitude challenge, you’ll become part of that wave.

We’ve created 30 videos that serve as gratitude prompts, or ideas of who to thank in your world. All you need to do is watch one 60-second video per day and send a simple statement of your gratitude to the first person that comes to mind.

It doesn’t matter how eloquently you express your gratitude to them or what means of communication you use. Like you and me, they are not expecting to hear gratitude out of the blue and all will experience the natural boost to their sense of worth that comes from hearing that they matter to someone.

You could share your gratitude for them through a text, private message, post on their wall, phone call or conversation in your kitchen or workplace. Your words may not come out perfect, but it won’t matter to that person because they’ll be hearing that they’re in your heart. To paraphrase Maya Angelou, they’ll remember the way you made them feel.

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