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Thanking the Person Who Gave You a Shot

At some point, someone saw something in us or our idea that no one else did. Maybe they didn’t see it as clearly as we did, but in their gut they knew there was something about us that was worth investing in. Or, maybe they saw more in us than we could have ever seen in ourselves and pushed us to take a leap of faith. Either way, we wouldn’t be who we are, where we are or able to be thankful for the things in our life without them. They gave us a shot and it was a game-changer.

The Thanks A Billion Project and this co-founder's incredible journey have been nothing more than that. From the woman who said yes to marrying me to the incredible heroes at my psychotherapy and the team who took Thanks A Billion from a grainy self-shot video and turned it into this, it’s all been people willing to take a chance on some big dreams about change and willing to talk me back into them when the self-doubts became overwhelming. Everything that is good in my life is because someone gave me a shot that didn’t make sense and I probably didn’t deserve it.

And I’m so thankful. I cannot imagine who I would be without those believers, advocates and mentors. Thanking these folks in person will undoubtedly come with some ugly cries, jumbled words and their gracious downplaying of their own significance, so I hope this thank you will let them know how incredibly enjoyable and valuable they are.

Who Gave You That Shot?

I’m not the only lucky one. Most of you reading this are too. Whether you were given that huge chance to change your world years ago or you’re smack dab in the middle of your big moment, you wouldn’t be here without a few people that ignored their better judgment and rolled the dice on you.

You need to tell them. Life is so short. One of your greatest regrets will be delaying your gratitude to these folks. One of your greatest mistakes will be forgetting that your success was built upon their belief in you.

So, who are they? A parent, grandparent or sibling? A teacher, coach or counselor? A friend, spouse or child? A stranger, mentor or celebrity?

Find them right now. Tell them how much it meant. Send that text, tag that post, make that call or give that hug and let them know that the version of you that you like best has their thumbprint on it.

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