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Being Thankful for the Creators

We are curious creatures. We’re intrigued by that which we don’t understand. We are drawn to what is new and different. We stagnate if not stimulated and atrophy if not challenged. We grow as we are caught off guard and are inspired by that which we investigate.

That’s why the creators matter. The people who find a new way of sharing the old truths, and the ones who use the trusted art forms to share a new vision. The artists, musicians, poets, chefs and directors who fill our worlds with laughter and tears, also fill our hearts with hope and our souls with truth.

For many of us, their work is the best mirror we’ll ever find. Somehow, without ever meeting us, they’re able to capture our journey in the characters they create or pain in the songs they write. They’re able to dredge up a lifetime of precious moments with a single brush stroke or create a lifetime of memories around a single recipe.

They connect us in our isolation with documentaries about zoos filled with tigers and drama. They make Monday morning water cooler conversation something to look forward to after a live concert filled with music we haven’t heard since middle school. They remind us of our own creative abilities with their stories of bringing something to life and feeling alive in the process.

Being Thankful For The Bravery of An Artist

Whether it is a couple of kids putting on a play for neighborhood parents in their garage or someone making their first brochure for the new company, artists take huge chances. The blood, sweat and tears of creation are followed by the moment of surrender where they hand over their creation (and their self-esteem) to the audience.

They wait on pins and needles hoping that what resonated enough for them to create, connects them to the world they share it with. Whether simply showing their spouse their first draft or an opening night with spotlights and red carpet, the creators of this world momentarily stand alone, waiting to see if the world gets where they’re coming from. Creation is a bid for intimacy and empathy that carries with it one of life’s greatest potential moments of loneliness… the blank stares from a full room.

Being thankful for the artists can’t just happen when they create their opus if we want a world full of beauty. It has to be there every step of the way as they work to translate dreams into experiences. Our gratitude needs to celebrate every ruined canvas and crumpled draft as much as what hangs in the gallery or earns a four star review.

So, take a chance yourself. Craft a creative thank you to the gifted, talented, brave people in your world. Get a little more wordy, pick some synonyms or use a rich analogy to tell them how much better your world is because of them.

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